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“Crip” is a reclaimed term for “Cripple”, and a nod to those who came before us, building the “Cripple Punk” movement on which our creations are inspired. We are a team of Disabled and Deaf creators seeking to bring Crip Culture to the community, and to the breadth of people who have yet to find Disability Pride.


We found ourselves and our liberation through spaces built and fostered by Disabled people, and seek to bring this liberation and sense of community to the breadth of people who have yet to find the Disability Pride movement.

Crip Riot exists to honor the rich political history of riots and the punk movement which transcends the disability pride movement and incorporates the social rights of people of color, queer and trans people, women, and other communities impacted by systemic violence and oppression. Crip Riot envisions an intersectional, interconnected space to explore how our identities strengthen each other when embraced in full.

Blurred image of two people holding up signs, protesting


Our Team
A white woman wearing a blue lanyard that reads "F*** Stairs"


Mad/Mentally Ill/Crazy/Insane, Chronically Ill, Fat, Queer,
Disabled AF High School Dropout


Ashley COwan D'Ambrosio

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An Asian American woman wearing sunglasses and a yellow F*** Stairs lanyard.

WEB & Graphic Designer



Queer and deaf/hard of hearing designer with a rage for all things inaccessible.

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Christine Lew

Public relations & HR Manager

Christine Lew


Queer, Mad/mentally ill CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) with workaholic tendencies 

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A white woman in a wheelchair in front of a rainbow wall.


Huge lesbian, full-time wheelchair user popping anti-depressants, former inspiration porn star, and professionally disabled.

Creative Director

Lindsey Muszkiewicz

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F*** Stairs

In 2018, disabled students from the University of Washington, created the first-ever F*** Stairs campaign.


The campaign ranged from a few weeks, to a full month, where able-bodied people and disabled allies would pledge to use only accessible pathways in solidarity with wheelchair users and other people with mobility impairments.


Now Crip Riot aims to bring the award-winning F*** Stairs campaign to colleges and universities across the country. Click below to join the movement. 

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