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Creative director

Lindsey Muszkiewicz


Huge lesbian, full-time wheelchair user popping anti-depressants, former inspiration porn star, and professionally disabled.

Lindsey (she/her) has been disabled since birth, technically. Rumor has it she walked until 18 months, decided “this blows,” and refused to take another step, ever. Instead, she’s taken up driving everywhere as fast as wheelchair technology will allow and hasn’t looked back since. However, strangers continuously insist on hearing her personal medical history whenever she finds herself idly waiting at a bus stop. One confusing childhood later of being paraded around as an ad on the side of a dog-treat box, she began to explore a pressing question that’s haunted her daily: where the fuck are all the other disabled people? 

Besides poster children in sad tv commercials, she rarely saw anyone else like her get to do anything alongside the general population, especially in her favorite shows and films. Growing up loving to draw and tell stories, she went on to examine disability in popular culture during her college career. The conclusion: it’s mostly terrible. Always the stubborn and tenacious dyke, her life goal is to flip media representation on its head and begin creating stories that accurately reflect the cripple experience as a part of a new cultural norm.

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