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PR & HR Manager

Christine Lew


Queer, Mad/mentally ill CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) with workaholic tendencies 

Christine (she/her) grew up with two Deaf parents, which shoved her headfirst into the wonderful world of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language. CODA life made her hypersensitive to the immense amount of ableism and audism around her, which drove her to major in Disability Studies and become a disability justice advocate at the University of Washington. She's always been depressed, but never understood it in a disability framework until coming to college. (Favorite depressed activity? Aimlessly strumming on a ukulele while crying on the kitchen floor.) 


The Deaf community and disability identity have always been intertwined with Christine's life, so being part of the Crip Riot team is the perfect avenue for expression. Through Crip Riot, she hopes to create a fully accessible workplace for all of our current and future employees, and aims to share this work with other organizations around the country. She firmly believes that Deaf and Disabled identities are valuable, and their stories are worth telling.

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