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Our Crip Riot team got our start as activists for the disabled community, and that commitment to inspiring change informs everything that we do.


We know disabled students across the world are working to create meaningful change in their communities.

Check out student organizations leading the charge on activist issues that matter most to the disabled community.

To have your organization added to this list, send an email to

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ASUW Student Disability Commission Logo


Seattle, WA, USA

F*** Stairs

ASUW STudent disability commission (SDC)

The SDC is a funded student government entity, currently with a Director, Assistant Director and a team of interns.

It was established in 1974 by a student group called the UW Disability Student Association.


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Disability Empowerment for Yale (DEFY) logo

Yale university

New Haven, CT, USA


Disability empowerment for Yale (DEFY)

DEFY, is a recognized student organization focused on advocacy, accessibility, and inter-community solidarity.


DEFY works to make Yale more equitable and accessible on behalf of the hundreds of Yale students with disabilities.

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The future is accessible logo


Madison, WI, USA


The Future is Accessible

The Future is Accessible is a recognized student organization and disability rights & pride initiative.

They work to advocate for equity and accessibility on college campuses with an intersectional lens.

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Western Carolina University

Cullowhee, NC, USA


Disabled Students United (DSU)


DSU is a recognized student organization dedicated to promoting accessibility for all disabled students.

Their goals are to provide a supportive community for all disabled students, address ADA violations, and to educate the student body and faculty on disability.

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F*** Stairs

In 2018, disabled students from the University of Washington, created the first-ever F*** Stairs campaign.


The campaign ranged from a few weeks, to a full month, where able-bodied people and disabled allies would pledge to use only accessible pathways in solidarity with wheelchair users and other people with mobility impairments.


Now Crip Riot aims to bring the award-winning F*** Stairs campaign to colleges, universities and organizations across the country. Click below to join the movement. 

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