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WEB & Graphic Designer

Joyce Lin


Queer and deaf/hard of hearing designer with a rage for all things inaccessible.

Joyce learned to lip read as a baby and that’s how she fooled the people around her into thinking she was hearing for the first four years of her life. Ten years of speech therapy later, she still pronounces her R’s like W’s and skips over sounds occasionally, but sounding like a croaking frog hasn’t stopped her from being loud AF with her voice and hands when she’s mad (with anti-ableist rage). Passionate about designing for social good and inclusion, one of her pet peeves is small illegible text on designs.

Growing up, the world reinforced the stigma of disability into her identity. It wasn’t until attending the University of Washington and learning about disability justice that she discovered the disabled community and their joy, fight, and resilience. On this Crip Riot journey, she hopes that a new generation can be empowered in their identities and embody the radical disabled and crip pride that is so often hidden in our societies.

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