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Crip Riot

Crip Riot is a disabled-owned and led company committed to bringing expressions of disability pride to the world, through unapologetic clothing, media, education and activism.



We are a team of Disabled and deaf creators with a desire to amplify the cultures created by Disabled people, Deaf people, and people with chronic and mental illness.



All items in our store are sold as part of our crowdfunding campaign, to build a company run for and by disabled people. Our goal is to raise $95,000, and we need your support!

100% of funds raised will go to:

  • Bring Crip Culture to those in the community who have yet to find it by building a platform for sharing and creating Disabled media, swag and stories.

  • Elevate the work of disabled student activists across the country by developing campaigns, media and swag to support these efforts.

  • Supporting the cost of bringing the “F*** Stairs campaign” to colleges and universities across the country

  • Creating an Accessible workplace where Disabled and Deaf creators can thrive.

Contributors will receive an acknowledgement on our website and limited edition products!

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A note on reclamation and
identity-first language:

Our products will often feature reclaimed language, and recognize that this language might still be controversial, especially without context. If our products incorporate terms like “Queer” “Insane” “Cripple”, know that this is done deliberately with the support and consultation of those in the community for whom our products are designed. Reclamation and identity-first language bring incredible liberation to many and this will be reflected in our creations.

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White text boxes that read "AUTISTIC", "CRIPPLE", "DISABLED", "INSANE", "MAD"