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We are

Crip Riot

Crip Riot is a disabled-owned and led company committed to bringing expressions of disability pride to the world, through unapologetic clothing, media, education and activism.

A white woman in a wheelchair in front of a rainbow wall.
A white woman wearing a blue lanyard that reads "F*** Stairs" in front of a graffiti wall.
An Asian American woman wearing sunglasses and a yellow F*** Stairs lanyard.


We are a team of Disabled and deaf creators with a desire to amplify the cultures created by Disabled people, Deaf people, and people with chronic and mental illness.


Inspired by the "Cr*pple Punk" movement, Crip Riot's mission is to bring disability pride to the masses. Through production of Disabled media, swag and stories we hope to foster a crip culture that is bold, unapologetic and f***ing lit.


We are a space where disabled creators, innovators, and contributors can find a voice and express themselves. We exist to ensure access and liberation for our communities and recognize Disability is an experience, not a tragedy.


No one is equal until we are all equal, and we're ready to riot. Are you?



A note on reclamation and identity-first language:

Our products will often feature reclaimed language, and recognize that this language might still be controversial, especially without context. If our products incorporate terms like “Queer” “Insane” “Cripple”, know that this is done deliberately with the support and consultation of those in the community for whom our products are designed. Reclamation and identity-first language bring incredible liberation to many and this will be reflected in our creations.

Orange silhouettes of a person walking and a person in a wheelchair
White text boxes that read "AUTISTIC", "CRIPPLE", "DISABLED", "INSANE", "MAD"
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